Friday, February 17, 2006


Havent been here (this blog la) for a looooong time and there are so many entries. yea, kinda touched when i see you guys share your experiences. hopefully future generations of mpx2 or rotaract team can be inspired (which is what i wished for when i set up the blog!!). hoho.

Since we came back to Sg, i don't remember seeing you guys very often... except for
Amanda who lives next blk and "peeped" at my birthday party!
Yeeteng who always hangs around in the library with her indian friends. now got malay one liao.
Vivi shopping for CNY clothes at OG.. -_-
Yongming ( haha i noe u dunno ) who always walk pass the bus stop downstairs when u go lesson!
and chuijia who had a new haircut! (quite cool la)

Saw janet once at YIH going to the lab.. yongtai once at engine when i was waiting for my friend.. Yilin once when i was going for my bahasa.. charmaine once at the Central Library (because for once, yeeteng is hanging out with chinese)..
now i know these people are still alive and kicking... HOW ARE THE REST OF U whom i have not seen yet!!?

i saw nvac selling hotdogs at the forum yesterday, and it brought nostalgic feelings when we were doing hotdog charity at Science... but they were using microwave instead.. so unhealthy...yucks.

anyway i totally agree with what yongming has posted previously regarding the teachings in singapore! hoho.

have fun people!

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NUS Rotaract Mit Pheap Exchange II

NUS Rotaract Mit Pheap Exchange II
Ma, think u write this rite? aniwae being GTM (Great Teacher Ming) in e near future i think yes learning can be done outside of institutions or even away from books but we need to strike a balance kinda best of both worlds...

Learning is a process when u gain new knowledge or new skill to do certain stuff so we TRULY learn both from books and by trial & error juz tat knowledge mainly from books & skill from daily life experiences... cos u cant deny e fact tat s'pore kids do know more bout maths & sciences from our education system of BOOKS then their cambodia counterparts rite?
hmmmm... at least above is wat GTM think lah....

PS: dunno u understand or not cos u keep saying dun understand science ppl....


Thursday, February 16, 2006


Some thoughts while having my SW lecture Urban Youth WOrk, conducted by my favourite lecturer/tutor.. Dr Timothy Sim.. SChool, Workplace and Media..

and so we were discussing about Learning IN schools with proper curriculum and all..what will the students lack at the end of the day? Is learning more beneficial outside school den? i guess learning CAN be done outside proper institutions, given our experience in Cambodia.. and Sokphua and gang probably learn most of their stuff thru trial and error, hantam and whack and see how it goes spirit. Is that when we TRULY learn? hmmm...

IQ: Intelligence Quotient
EQ: Emotional Quotient
AQ: Adversity Quotient hmmm...

"It takes a Village to raise a Child"

-- an ancient African proverb

I guess with this Singapore has not succeeded, yet.

Monday, February 13, 2006


at forum.. jagar-ing the rotaract bazaar stalls..the ramly auntie is here again!! haha u all shld try her ramly.. abit more pricey than outside but the patty is a teeny weeny bit more juicy but she's abit stingy on the sauce though..was talking to her that day she used to sell jigsaw puzzles at pasar malam.. interestingg.. people shld talk more.. and learn to listen EVEN MORE..

cant deny that Silence IS Golden though!! just ask ym yt yyt viv bobo!! and i will certainly be putting SIGN language to good use in weeks to come.. so i guess i can only 'talk' to them when my wisdom tooth/teeth are being extracted..BOOHOOO..

the ramly auntie is not done yet.. din know so much pain and hardwork go into setting up a stall.. quoting bobo who quotes seLena: late at night when all the world is sleeping... k i shall have ramly for breakfast tmr!

wonder if the kids in Cambodia 'celebrate' valentines.. wonder wad will pearan give pauline! haha and the H4 will be sending gifts over to their wives right?here's the latest pic of the library.. hot from email..will try to get more from him.. fyi his msn is

and yess.. the ramly auntie is far from done..hope her business will be good tmr!


Sunday, February 05, 2006

NUS Rotaract Mit Pheap Exchange II

hmmm...believe it or not, this is the 1st time I'm blogging. Not really into it as yet.

Dunno how many of you felt the same way as I did when I opened my gmail while in Mac to find out I was part of the team going Cambodia, think I was the last to be included to the team but was grateful as I was quite "desperate" to be in the team...haha...Dunno why lah, but to me, this was like one of the things that you just have to do. It has truely been an eye-opener for me, great learning journey and definitely one of the high points to date of my life.

one month has already past, and as yezhong has mention, wondering what the kids are doing back in cambodia...hmmm, swimming in the murky river? picking lychee off trees and popping the whole fruit into their mouth? Cycling? playing soccer? volleyball? watching wrestling? or better...studying(which i seriously am not doing loh, kaoz)? dunno how's the library turned out in the end, dunno whether the comps are up yet

sidetrack a little...thearith shocked me with a question while we were trying to set up the coms he asked"can we just cut off the (earth) pin since it's blocking the way...wah sei i was seriously shocked.

Oh yah, one thing I didn't expect from the trip was that most of us, who were 1st timer chefs in our life, did a reasonably good job with the food! I enjoyed most of the meals, at least they were better than those from the army(eh....though didn't serve much time there, but enough to conclude that their food sux).

Really miss the times where we could go swim in the river which is just behind the house, wah shoik, and the mud fight, which haha, turned out to be all vs the ONE.....LOL...Love the river, maybe that's why my mp3 player called iriver....diao...trying to be lame...haha

Personally, I felt that MPX2 team was great, the whole group bonded closely, and though some of us still didn't who's at the airport before departure, we did indeed come back knowing each other better, I felt that there was a just nice mix/blend of those ang-mo pai and those cheena pai and those that were between.

Many friends ask me how was my trip to cambodia....hmm, i always gave the standard conversation killer answer .... 'It was great!', haha, then it's for them to decide whether they want to hear more or just move on, cos dun think many people appreciate what can be done/learned from such trips, just by discribing to them verbally, but then again my england sux maybe it's me..

hmm lotsa talk abt going back during this year's need to save up man. Personally, thinking of also creating another video of the trip, this time round not a menu selection kind but a continuous running one...with all the highlights..need to dig out some time...haha

And also good luck in the upcoming Exams....kaoz so near!