Tuesday, June 20, 2006

What have all of u been doing? jus a small inquiry...

NUS Rotaract Mit Pheap Exchange II
What have u all been doing? suddenly tis qn pop into my head and decide to check on this blog and hey found tat my ah ma had jus posted something... its been sometime huh? me ah have been doing nothing much since e end of exams going nowhere oso... keep thinking tat i'm wasting away time not working jus rotting in e comfort of my home... however have jus been reading "tues with morrie" by mitch albom and suddenly getting quite emotional and see a bit of a view which i nv tot of b4.... so ya started thinking a bit and looking back at my life and missing some of e ppl i met in my life and yup fortunate to say u guys are among them whohoo!!! so yup if u guys happen to chance upon tis, plz as a favour update a bit of ur recent happenings, i'm sure beside me there are some others who wish to know tat you are doing well and fine....

lets start with me and some of those tat i've met or tok to k? me ah have jus celebrated my birthday a week ago... can say 1 of e best bdae i had with ah ma buying a cake and celeb with my bros and me thks thks!!! then on e actual day went to kbox to celeb with my couz and sis (we grew up together but ya as we grow up gathered less liao so was quite happy to celeb with them) oh my 1st ever party tat i threw small but i'm contented. haven been excersing so ya put on some slab of fats and a few inches haiz... think tats all bout me loh now to ah pa, saw him on sat when we having FOC meeting, cannot believe some1 so thin can actually lose wt oso but still as lame as ever lah, then there's ma who i meet at least once a week lah for FOC or mahjong, yongtai oso mahjong bball and FOC. Oh saw vv and yee teng oso one seem to haf lost week and e other look so sleepy and tired on sat poor things haha... saw charmaine oso getting prettier then still got who ah? oh my h4 buddy dickson didnt really meet him lah but chatted with him online seems busy with his rollerblades job think tats bout all loh...

ok now ur turn liao so dun wait jus update us of U!!!


Robbie Williams

just wanna share this wonderful and inspiring song originally sang by Elvis Presley i think.. correct me if i'm wrong.. adapted by Robbie over here.. ENJOY! :)