Tuesday, May 23, 2006

NUS Rotaract Mit Pheap Exchange II

NUS Rotaract Mit Pheap Exchange II

A few words for anyone interested in this camp....
Besides fun and laughter which you will get out of this camp, the greatest gift u can get out of it is precious friendship. But why us u may ask cos other camps also get to know other ppl? well basically, i feel e ppl in our club esp e ppl organising this (mostly ppl from mpx I and II teams) are fun loving,with a great big heart and swell personalities. And e great memories we all shared are reflected in this blog... dun believe jus read and u will understand...

If u are 1 who are fun loving, with a great big heart, and wanna know more ppl like U then this camp is for U!!! but even if u cant make it for this camp for some reasons or another, no worries jus rem NUS Rotaract Club, we may be a small club but one with a big Heart!!!

Waiting to meet all of ya!!!

oh if u wan to know more of our project e link below is to another of our project Silent Touch

Yong Ming


At 6:40 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

wah lao....i really think you're too free...still will type all this...LOL...

eh give the man some work..LOL

ok but back to the topic, agreed man, this camp is more than about just pure fun, it's also abt the Heart that the pple have in this club, hopefully you can rub some off or experience it which will then leave you more than what you have before you join the camp. (wah cheem eh...and yah i also very free)

newly appointed debt collector
||yyt||...not forgetting upUP!


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