Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Character Intro Part 4

the 3 musketeers of the village!from left: nikun (girl thearith's brother), pearan and wenhong..wenhong is a damn good soccer player and likes to take solo pictures..good looking young lad..ladies careful dun succumb to his charm! haha pearan has super nice looooong eye lashes that any girl would die for! and nikun is super joker.. u'll all find out soon enuff!! when we all survive the exams that is! take good care and cya guys on 2 dEC!!


Friday, November 18, 2005

Character Intro Part 3

The 3 pretty ladies who represent the future of the village..From left:Phalla (Pala), Bopha (Bopa) and Thearith.. Phalla and Bopha are sisters and they have another younger sister, Shanti. The 3 of them are very good friends and are very hardworking. Thearith was probably the first friend i made at the village. When we were settling down she came over to the kitchen and introduce herself to me..we got together real well and a few days later she came up to me and ask if i would like to be her "sister"!! haaha was kinda shocked at first (well, it was my first such trip after all!!) very friendly girls i must say..always smiling and laughing..cried like mad when we left the village man!!haha

Character Intro Part 2

*STAR* of the village!!This baby (now toddler i suppose) is MING SING..haha! everyone LOVES him cos he's sooOO cute! but he wun let me carry him..will always cry when i try to do so..he stays just beside the house that we'll be there will be lots of chances to play with him..super cutEE and bubbly!!Cindy (MPX I) fell so in love with him that she actually went back to cambodia this year to set up a joint account with Thearith for Ming Sing for his education in the yeahh.. look out for him!Oh and apparently he'll be an elder brother soon with a little sis on the way:)

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Character Intro Part 1

Feeling bored.. thought it might be a good idea to briefly introduce some of our friends from Cambodia whom we worked with during MPX I.. so here goes.. On the left is Reasey(pronounced Re-SAY) who was the vice president of Rotaract Club of Phnom Penh. Last heard he has since got a girlfriend (dunno how true haha!) and is helping his dad in some politics stuff. He's very helpful. Thankfully due to his higher economic status and connections he has, he's always there to assist us in many ways. Hopefully we'll see him in Dec!!
On the right is the current president of the Club. His name is Ly Sokunthearith, just call him Thearith (pronounced TE-RROT). We will be working very closely with him this time around. This guy is simply AMAZING. He's always full of energy and zest from morning to night to morning..and he is very passionate about bringing education to the kids in Koh Krobey and basically Kandal Province as a whole. Mingle with him and his club members and you'll learn alot about things that we dun see from our perspective i feel.. Think he'll welcome us at the airport when we arrive. Oh and he can speak Singalish quite well too! haha!

yeahh that's all for now while i go mug at YIH.. next up will be some intro of the kids!! all the best for your papers!!