Tuesday, March 28, 2006

"participate in an overseas community trip to Cambodia"

Check out!
Advertisement for Freshmen coming to NUS..pissed me off abit..haha!

i believe no one volunteerism event, be it adhoc or long term is "better" or more "attractive" than another. I really dunno why overseas community service projects appeal so much to pple who dun have a heart to volunteer at all. might as well not start. if one were to start den might as well not end. u get what i mean. the way i see this advertisement is almost as if going overseas for community projects are 'more meaningful' than those in locally. i might have caught the message the incorrect way but if i am feeling this way i guess there are others who haven seen this advert might as well. why dun they just put "opportunities to participate in volunteering programmes"? or just drop the whole volunteering thing altogether? would people actually choose NUS over the rest just because you can go Cambodia? perhaps its time that people in developed countries stop trying to HELP other people for the sake of thinking they are in the BETTER position to, cos we simply are not!
i suppose the word "CAMBODIA" appeals to those souls who believe that the people over there NEED mORE HELP than those in Singapore. I mean how many of you actually agree nikun and sokphua and gang NEED our HELP? how many times have you tried to explain to your friends that well.. sometimes we are so much of a hindrance.. its really about the experience and how we apply it to the local context. ultimately i believe its an exchange of cultures and exposure and experience. well.. you may think otherwise.. its perfectly fine by me... hee

Friday, March 03, 2006

reunion part2


Heyz ppl~amanda wouldnt quit bugging me abt blogging. being in engin for 2 years really depleted my already limited vocabulary. pardon my poor english and lack of expressive language.

Really glad to see the team once again. it almost seem we've been transported thru time as the cambodia trip seems so yesterday.

most of us still look the same... as ym mentioned. erm..dickson of phase3...as the team main chef, i recommend u do smth to ur hair ASAP. it doesnt do your looks justice... lolx. we as phase3 chefs have an image to upkeep.. ;] and charmie, your hair color looks great~! =) ym, green is so not your color...u look ET-ish...

Hope to see you guys ard. and much more gatherings to come~ =)

REunion dinner at munchie monks

wahhh!! so SOO happy to see most of the team again! was damn happy that almost all turned up! including benny and esther.. although there's a core group whom always meet up for TOUCH and play bball occasionally.. i agree with ah boy tt we should meet up and have gatherings more often man! and perhaps not only when money is concerned..(*hint *hint) hahah!

anyway one thing nice abt this kinda trip is that once we get together again even if we have not met for a long time, there will just be endless amt of stuff to talk abt.. like the times in cambodia and all the gossips! wahh YYT trying to smoke us man! say only go for braces girl with red specs and mascara.. diaooooo... yuan zai tian bian jing zai yen qian! YYT!! i KNOW your DEEPEST SECRET!! wahhaha!! (*right finger pointing down beside left palm facing up..) heee! ohh anyway my greatest wish is to see more posts of diff pple ard here esp JOPY!!! totally cant imagine wad he will write! hahaha

alrightyy! time to study! till we meet again!!


NUS Rotaract Mit Pheap Exchange II

NUS Rotaract Mit Pheap Exchange II
wah lau so long nobody write here ah.... damn sad lei.... was always checking back on tis page to check out any juicy gossips over here, how cum dun haf yyt & vv gossips over here??? cos when i went for e reunion dinner yesdae, so many of u sharing gossips wif me bout seeing them together at engin... on v-dae at ang mo kio.... wah lau but nv say here... or oops its an open secret ah? okie nvm change topic then....
yesdae went to e reunion dinner loh actually was quite looking foward to it cos haven been seeing most of u guys for quite some time liao (miss u all lah) esp e Man's Talk sia! so yesdae haf a short 1 wif ronald (wah kao he still e same man e way he tok sure make u laugh... then see ernie wif his erm.. how shld i say... ok.. handsome center parting hairstyle... kelvin e same wif his usual red cap, yyt no need to say same braces same mpx shirt and e same frown on his face, yezhong forever e old man, tedmond missing his rotaract shirt and watch i guess(all wif chandrea), jopy ah jopy my man look better looking i muz say tanner... oh heard tat if u cant find him in sch go try e gym at src (courtesy of dickson) then come our shocker DICKSON!!! whooooo his hair dull polo T and black sling laptop bag... bro u look damn uncle loh cant believe its u loh... now e gals... my ma dun say lah see u every now & then sian liao... then got chuijia wearing her green angkor shirt (shit man same colour as my shirt yesdae oei i scared scandal 1 hor...) yee teng still e same though haven been seeing u for like a week? oh then there is charmaine still as blur as ever but think u did something to ur hair rite? not bad look quite gd... haiz then is our treasure miss vv female protaganist of our yyt vv scandal hahaha.... always keep bumping to u in arts though we both from science... ah then theres lee yong oso look e same nv meet u in sch either running from me ah? oh still got our da jie da yilin hmmm u look a bit shack man guess medicine hard to study hor? wah! juz rem got benny oso haha forget u liao see lah sit wif e girls... anyway u still e same lah cheerful and refresh unlike e other engineers... esther ah still e same though first thought i thought u matured liao but then u claim tat u r juz tired... but still think tat u mature a bit lah working liao diff mah... tats bout all i think...
juz wanna say "com' on guys lets continue to keep together and meet up cos think tis team is juz simply great man (true feeling hor not bullshit)"and keep posting up here to update bout ur life or anything lah cos friends care mah!!! (wah my hair oso a bit raising liao so mushy)
PS: sorrie bro bout e scandal hahahaah take it as entertainment for everybody loh hahahah.... oh sorrie vv too!!! cheers!!

Yongming (e cute guy wearing e cute astro green shirt yesdae hahahaah)