Monday, October 17, 2005


well.. basically i luffed my head off.. that's y the title.. haha! YAYYYY the cRAZYYY week is finaLLY over!! PHEW! PHEW! AND PHEWWW!!! a BIG THANK YOU all for everything! esp the hotdog queens charmaine and yeeteng for their chop chop liaising with NEA and OSA (like wad? in 3 days and were we set to go?haha)..not forgetting yilin and dickson for the carwash event where we all had GREAT fun although i must agree its damn shag!! (i spent the entire weekend sleeping!! no jokE!!) well.. when a team starts giving nicknames and cracking lame jokes and basically crapping u know that its gonna come good.. haha so now its for the programs team to run the show!! ALL THE BEST GUYS!!


Saturday, October 15, 2005

Fundraising = Fun Raising!

OK,my lousy attempt to form equation(trying to be more sciencese!hee!)
Well,I must say that this week is really crazy(I'm sure those who have been down for all the 5 days of fundraising events will agree with me)!It was as if I lived for the MPXII project or something but I'm so glad that I survived thru.Despite of the many hipcups at the start of the sale of the buns,things managed to work out for themselves and we actually sold our buns w/o any complaint of stomachache!There's just one thing that I cant figure out which is WHO suggested the BINGO game?But anyway,it helps to kill some time when there's no customers and became a ritual to play the game once there's more than 4 pple ard!Vivian n I are just amused by the fact that certain pple are being deprived of their childhood games...=)I will nv forget the first game with the founding members of the BINGO clan(Me,Vivian,Kel and Yilin),i almost died from laughing.I'm yearning for one more round of BINGO...when r u guys free?haha..
The part abt the toasting of buns is funny TOO!I tink it was the first time when we tried to toast the buns and Amanda was in charge.The first few batches were quite nice and something went wrong for the subsequent batches and the buns became as 'tan' as Amanda.But at least Amanda's buns are still presentable enough to sell to the customers because when the guys took over on the third day we had to flip the buns over to the other side in order to sell them because the surface was burnt.And our dear Yongming secretly threw a few buns away thinking that I do not know it.Tedmond,who claimed to be the chef for the team,apparently made a black bun on his first attempt.
Enough of all this teasing,I gotta thank everyone who helped in this event in one way or another! Esp to Amanda,Kel,Ym and Janet who have to carry the stuff needed during the sale from their hall to the stall!I'm so sorry that Kel had to look so 'ungleam' with his toaster in the lecture and Ym having to carry all sort of funny stuff to take shuttle.I really enjoyed this week even though it is extremely tiring!
Like what Alan has said,this series of events is coming to an end so Good Luck to the progamming side and after that we must really study hard for our exam!After which we will have another wave of activities awaiting for us.Take care everyone!

Yeeteng(can i not be the hotdog queen?)

The fruitful week!

Now that the formidable and laughable bingo clan is formed under the leadership of the hotdog queen Yeeteng, i feel the SENSE OF BELONGING (okay cliche) to the mpxII family. previously my fondue proposal was put to obsoleteness due to some TM infringement, and also canoe has taken up most of my time! so sorry guys and gals, now i am back!

it's really great to know my team mates better, getting ideas from them like..

1 Writing number 10 twice on my bingo paper, so i can win faster
2 Using my mini fridge to toast the BREAD
3 hotdogs = sausages
4 Image hosted by dog in heat, instead of cats...
and finally.......
5 Naming my future son Rotarian

car washing was a totally new experience for most of us, i don't even help my Dad wash his car!! lots of profs and a small number of generous students decided to trust novice like us to handle their "my preciouuussss" (think smeagol). kudos to their courage!!

Image hosted by Image hosted by
some cars are in total wreck, damn atrocious la! these cars are highly suspected to have car washed once every few months when clubs like us organise carwash fund raising, otherwise, their car must have looked like the PERFECT TOILET to the birdies.

future doctor, who is highly likely to run a part time car wash business also, yiLin, reported a total of 700++ of profits!! very very cool!!

this week is crazy, running around the school but i guess it's one of the most fulfilling week for us in MPX2 right! keep the morale high.... PRESS on for BEATTY project by Yong Ming!!

- Kelvin

Wash All We Can

Whew, what a week!

Just wanna say Great fun during the past 2 days!

Haha picked up a new skill-- carwashing in 10 min.

I definetely spotted one who is proud to drive a Volkswagon. Yup, It's Herbie the race car (for the movie geek)

Yezhong (",)

Friday, October 14, 2005


hi all! :)

hm. this week has mainly been a fundraising kind of week for all of us. and then next week it'll be beatty. i wonder what was our main aim this week... to raise funds or to have fun. cos if u asked me, i think i had more fun than i think i raised funds... if both can be compared. (which i find it quite odd to compare...)

it's nice to get to know all u peeps better now.... u guys are great!

have a great weekend and recharge!

take care.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

HOT DOGS for SALE at LT26!!

Image hosted by
HOT DOGS.. literally...

Image hosted by
the FIRST one...