Friday, July 21, 2006

Beslan Tribute

Beslan Tribute

happen to witness this incident all over again on tv today..did some research on this outrageous act online..
just what was going through the terrorists' minds when they did what they did?


Tuesday, June 20, 2006

What have all of u been doing? jus a small inquiry...

NUS Rotaract Mit Pheap Exchange II
What have u all been doing? suddenly tis qn pop into my head and decide to check on this blog and hey found tat my ah ma had jus posted something... its been sometime huh? me ah have been doing nothing much since e end of exams going nowhere oso... keep thinking tat i'm wasting away time not working jus rotting in e comfort of my home... however have jus been reading "tues with morrie" by mitch albom and suddenly getting quite emotional and see a bit of a view which i nv tot of b4.... so ya started thinking a bit and looking back at my life and missing some of e ppl i met in my life and yup fortunate to say u guys are among them whohoo!!! so yup if u guys happen to chance upon tis, plz as a favour update a bit of ur recent happenings, i'm sure beside me there are some others who wish to know tat you are doing well and fine....

lets start with me and some of those tat i've met or tok to k? me ah have jus celebrated my birthday a week ago... can say 1 of e best bdae i had with ah ma buying a cake and celeb with my bros and me thks thks!!! then on e actual day went to kbox to celeb with my couz and sis (we grew up together but ya as we grow up gathered less liao so was quite happy to celeb with them) oh my 1st ever party tat i threw small but i'm contented. haven been excersing so ya put on some slab of fats and a few inches haiz... think tats all bout me loh now to ah pa, saw him on sat when we having FOC meeting, cannot believe some1 so thin can actually lose wt oso but still as lame as ever lah, then there's ma who i meet at least once a week lah for FOC or mahjong, yongtai oso mahjong bball and FOC. Oh saw vv and yee teng oso one seem to haf lost week and e other look so sleepy and tired on sat poor things haha... saw charmaine oso getting prettier then still got who ah? oh my h4 buddy dickson didnt really meet him lah but chatted with him online seems busy with his rollerblades job think tats bout all loh...

ok now ur turn liao so dun wait jus update us of U!!!


Robbie Williams

just wanna share this wonderful and inspiring song originally sang by Elvis Presley i think.. correct me if i'm wrong.. adapted by Robbie over here.. ENJOY! :)

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

NUS Rotaract Mit Pheap Exchange II

NUS Rotaract Mit Pheap Exchange II

A few words for anyone interested in this camp....
Besides fun and laughter which you will get out of this camp, the greatest gift u can get out of it is precious friendship. But why us u may ask cos other camps also get to know other ppl? well basically, i feel e ppl in our club esp e ppl organising this (mostly ppl from mpx I and II teams) are fun loving,with a great big heart and swell personalities. And e great memories we all shared are reflected in this blog... dun believe jus read and u will understand...

If u are 1 who are fun loving, with a great big heart, and wanna know more ppl like U then this camp is for U!!! but even if u cant make it for this camp for some reasons or another, no worries jus rem NUS Rotaract Club, we may be a small club but one with a big Heart!!!

Waiting to meet all of ya!!!

oh if u wan to know more of our project e link below is to another of our project Silent Touch

Yong Ming

Saturday, May 20, 2006

come and PLAY!!

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Hello guys!!

Thanks a million for your interest in our camp! First of all, let me extend my warmest welcome to all of you for joining the BIG family of Rotaract Club NUS!
Be assured that this particular camp is going to be the MOST HAPPENING, MOST HIP, MOST EXCITING, MOST FULFILLING and a very MEANINGFULF.O.C around! most importantly, it's not on campus!!

The camp committee is working their ass(es) of to provide you thrilling games, comfortable accomodation, delicious buffet meals, trendy orientation t-shirt and a very meaningful volunteering experience. all these are brought to you at only $49!! Come in group of 4s and you pay only $45 per person!

What are you waiting for? Come and PLAY!!!

To make registration easy for you and me,

Please write in to
Provide your
1. Name
2. Matric No.
3. Contact No.
4. Valid email address
5. T-shirt size (36/38/40/42/44)
6. Food preference/non-preference

We will then send you instructions on payment and other verification. If you sign as a group, please send your particulars in a single email.
Do check your email regularly!

Should you have any query, please email me at

See you guys soon!!!


Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Posters postcard

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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

the two poster boys for F.O.C this coming academic year!


Thursday, April 06, 2006

My graduation - Leaving NUS

Hmm, been busy with projects but gonna write something here again.

It's been a very fast sem for me. It's been 3 months since we are back from the trip. So many things have changed and moved on, and I'm towards my last stretch. Less than 20 days to the end of my academic life. Commencement either on 12th or 13th July. Time to try out the academic dress!

Thanks all of you for your friendship and fun during my last sem as well. it has definitely make my last days of uni life more wonderful and colorful. Remember to play hard and study hard. Live on the line of breaking all the school rules and have hell lots of fun. I regret not doing enough of all these. But do know what you want at the end of the days.

Thanks for the name, Bobo and companionship (sonny take care of your ma, she got loose screws :P). Yup the rest, hope all of you doing well too and take care!

Keep in touch my friends.

Yezhong / Bobo

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Recce trip!

how's everyone doing!!? i just finished pia-ing my project.. soooOO not gonna do last min work anymore.. anyway was browsing through my Cambodia pics den i realised that i din post some of the recce pics here! in july ALan and Eliss and Changhao (Immediate Past president of RacNUS) and Honsun (past member of Rotaract aka the guy who help us pull strings to get cheap cheap malaria pills) and Me of course.. went recce for MPX 2 project.. had nights of discussions amongst ourselves and with Thearith and his club members.. to iron out as much detail as we possibly could.. remember the restaurant with nice nice lighting where Zhenping joined us for dinner? THAT was the VERY PLACE that a meeting between both clubs were held (think i told some of you).. and we sat exactly the same place.. hence when MPX II went there to makan i felt rather emotional.. haha anywayyzz yups.. these are some of the recce pics! wayyyy before the library was built!


at the Vietnam Border! super budget man!

notice the background of the picture

kids showing us around the government school

2 Rotaract CLubs outside the nice nice restaurant

this festival that takes place in july.. kids act as giant dolls to collect donations for the pagodas